Join the fun, throw a Happy Out Loud party ‘Lockdown Style’!

Whether you are living on your own, with family or friends, we want to encourage everyone to throw the best party possible in quarantine. As the event ripples out each party will amount to a variety of parties, ‘coming together’ with a common goal. We want everyone to have fun, connect and revel in the joy of being part of a community, the impact of this will bring a powerful feeling of togetherness, as we unite as one.

So think ‘sunshine and smiles’ on Saturday 20 June 2020, when the sun is at its highest northern hemisphere ‘The summer solstice’. The beginning of summer, when earth’s tilt towards the sun is at it’s maximum, we will create Happy Out LOUD day!.

Having fun with fancy dress
Having fun with food and drink
Having fun with entertainment
Having fun giving back…

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