We are Cumbria, and We Amplify Cumbria!

Raising a smile… Raising morale… Raising the roof!

We Amplify Cumbria is a positive response to the absolute tragedy of the Cumbrian floods, and if that wasn’t enough to deal with we are now living in fear of something much bigger called Covid-19. The planet it seems is not happy. There is global unrest on a scale not seen for decades. We are drained no doubt by what has happened, but these events also reveal the very best in people and reveal the central truth that we are community – of shared space and experience. We grew up together. We have lived through the bad times together and we can share the good days together as well. We can smile together.

People from around the world visit our region because it is understood to be wonderful and inspiring. And that is also true of the people who live here and call Cumbria home.

So what?… Well… here’s what. Happy Out Loud Day is a unique and innovative way of celebrating our spirit and resolve, of bringing that community spirit together, distilled in the pure, shared experience of smiling, laughing, having fun and… being Happy Out LOUD!

We are not prepared to sit back and be told life sucks and we just have to get on with it. Hell no!… Turning up the volume as we turn up the fun, We Amplify Cumbria will help create memorable and meaningful experiences that establish a positive emotional connection with people. The chuckles will start in Carlisle, but as good spirits are infectious, they will ripple out across the nation, gathering volume as waves of noise are positively amplified and that spirit is shared, and passed on. Because there is such a thing as society… and it is found in the way we connect, and make each other laugh. It is in our capacity for humour, in all our hearts and our desire to improve the mood of one another; to inspire creativity, dreams and imagination: From culture to a new way of life!

The key person with her fingers on the volume control is Claire Armstrong. Claire has spent her career investing back into her hometown of Carlisle. Whether that be the bricks–and–mortar of the nightclub and community space she founded – The Melting Pot – or the dreamier realm of her creative ideas… each and every endeavour has brightened up the town: Claire would like to thank many people for getting We Amplify Cumbria to this stage, family, friends and not least, huge thanks to her co-working buddies, for their unconditional support (Who she calls Team WAC!) at The Guild, Carlisle. However, the main thanks must be reserved for the people of Carlisle, and Cumbria beyond, who have demonstrated such deep reserves of strength and resilience in the face of the most pressing events we have faced in many decades.

Their resilience and strength continues to be a marvel.

Last word to Claire: ‘This event will boost morale in the region. This event will bring the community together in a collaborative effort to raise awareness, raise funds, and raise spirits. This event will rebuild hopes, rebuild trust, and make a loud, proud and bold statement that we are still here, while showing the whole nation what a positive community spirit that thrives in the North-West, that same spirit that helped put Cumbria back together again after the floods… and of course now Covid-19. This event will send out a message that we care.’

Progress is rarely silent so let’s make some noise and AMPLIFY!

The simple plan: To Be Happy Out LOUD!

We deserve this. We can all be happy heroes just for one day!

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