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Happy Out Loud Day – The BIG Lockdown Party!

Raise a smile… raise morale… raise the roof!
Where: Your house or workplace is the party location!
When: 20 JUNE 2020

With no end to Social distancing in sight we need to think of new ways to have a good time and connect with people ‘lockdown style’!

So think ‘sunshine and smiles’ on Saturday 20 June 2020, when the sun is at its highest northern hemisphere ‘The Summer Solstice’. Otherwise known as the start of summer, when the earth tilt towards the sun is at it’s maximum, we will create Happy Out Loud Day!

Happiness is our natural state of mind, and we need to find our way back to it. So on 20 June, we will engender a sense of immense positivity and happiness, to start the summer. What better time to shine lots of light, love and laughter on these unprecedented times, it may well start with one smile, perhaps a cheeky chuckle. (All movements, after all, start with just one first move.) But we know happiness is infectious and soon we will have all of Cumbria and beyond grinning. Who knows where it will end…

Happy Out Loud Day ‘Lockdown Style’ is a unique and innovative way of celebrating our spirit and resolve, of bringing that community spirit together, distilled in the pure, shared experience of smiling, laughing, having fun and… being Happy Out Loud!

Whether you are living on your own, with family or friends, we want to encourage everyone to throw the best party possible in quarantine, as the event ripples out each party will amount to a variety of parties, ‘coming together’ with a common goal. We want to encourage everyone to have fun, connect and revel in the joy of being part of a community, bringing a feeling of togetherness, as we unite as one.

Having fun with fancy dress, food and drink, entertainment, giving back…

Happy Out Loud Day Is a chance to do something great together!… This is a party yes, but a party with a positive purpose, a people-powered event, to bring us together. So think global, but smile local… and be part of the party!

We deserve this. We can all be happy heroes just for one day!

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